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  • Additional charges apply for sales tax up to 9.6% on Title premiums and Escrow fees.

  • Additonal $5.00 charge due for Excise Tax Tech Fee.

    RECORDING FEES are quoted as the base fee ONLY if page numbers are not entered. MISCELLANEOUS FEES: Reconveyance Fee = $150, Reconveyance Fee (Lost Note) = $250.00, Reconveyance Tracking Fee = $40, Outside Signing Fee (up to) = $150, Out of State Signing Fee (up to): $300, ADDITIONAL WORK CHARGES: 1031 Facilitator Coordination = $250, Holdback Fee = $350, Elimination of MHU Cert. of Title = $250, Preparation of Ancillary LPO Documents = $150, Rainier Title reserves the right to request additional charges where unusual services or costs will be required to comply with the instructions of the parties. If that occurs, the customer will be informed and provided an opportunity to cancel the request or make alternative arrangements. Examples include: (1) post- closing responsibilities to hold and disburse a sum held back for a defined purpose, (2) unusual document preparation, (3) receipt of lender documents by digital delivery that requires the Company to extract, print and organize the documents for the lender, (4) expedited delivery services, (5) payoffs for debts that are not liens on the land, or (6) filing UCC financing documents. Rainier Title may offer reduced rates for governmental entities or charitable organizations. Rainier Title may offer reduced rates negotiated by developers or builders based upon volume efficiencies. The escrow charges for commercial property transactions will be negotiated based upon the services that are requested. Rainier Title reserves the right to match any written escrow rate quote provided by a competitor for escrow services to be performed within this area.

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