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Rainier Title Uses Encrypted Email to Secure all Non-Public Personal Information.

Will you see a difference in the way you receive an email?

Most of the time your encrypted E-Mail will be delivered just as your regular E-Mail is delivered. However, if a recipient’s E-Mail provider does not support TLS (Transport Layer Security), they will receive an E-Mail to pick up the encrypted message in a portal. Yahoo, Hotmail, Go Daddy, Comcast & Verizon are just a few of the larger E-Mail providers who do not support TLS. 

How does the portal work?

The first time a recipient receives an encrypted E-Mail, they will receive a notification email to sign into the portal to retrieve their message. They will click the link and type in the activation code. After they enter in the activation code they will create their own unique password. This step only occurs once.

Subsequent E-Mails to the same recipient require the recipient to click on the link in the email and enter in their password.

Encrypted E-Mails are available in the portal for 30 days for retrieval, after which time they expire. The recipient will receive reminder emails to pick up the encrypted message before it expires.

For more help on how to use the portal CLICK HERE.  

For assistance with encryption email please email support@rainiertitle.com or call 888-828-0018.

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