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Do you need a form? Filing a deed of trust? This page provides many easily-downloadable formated documents for your recordings.

The forms provided below with form numbers are prepared by the Limited Practice Board for Limited Practice Officers, and are available with varied acknowledgement versions at the Washington State Bar Association website.

The other forms are prepared by Rainier Title intended to ensure acceptability by Rainier Title for title insurance purposes.

Requirements for Recording Documents:

Effective January 1, 1997, and pursuant to amendment of Washington state statutes relating to standardization of recorded documents, the following format and content requirements must be met. Failure to comply may result in rejection of the document by the recorder.


  • Margins to be 3" on top of the first page, 1" on sides and bottom, 1" on top, sides and bottom of each succeeding page.
  • Font size of 8 points or larger and paper size of no more than 8 1/2" by 14".
  • No attachments on pages such as stapled or taped notary seals, pressure seals must be smudged.

Information which must appear on the first page:

  • Title or titles of document. If assignment or reconveyance, reference to auditor"s file number or subject deed ot trust. Names of grantor(s) and grantee(s) with reference to additional names on following page(s), if any.
  • Abbreviated legal description (lot, block, plat name or section, township, range and quarter section for unplatted).
  • Assessor's tax parcel number(s). Return address which may appear in the upper left hand 3" top margin.

Important Printing Tip:

If the size of your selected PDF document is specified as  (legal), then you MUST be certain to set-up your computer's printing options to use the printer's  legal paper tray.

Failure to comply with standardization requirements could result in rejection of the document by the recorder.

Agreement of Indemnification, Mechanics Lien  (letter)  - 3 pages
15-05(i) rev. 4/2009 
Bargain and Sale Deed  (letter)  - 2 pages
30-05(i-l)rev 12/2006 
Bill of Sale  (legal)  - 3 pages
Community Property Affidavit  (letter)  - 2 pages
Cover Sheet  (legal)  - 1 page
Deed of Trust  (legal)  - 3 pages
20-05(ir-l) rev. 2/2008 
Deed of Trust - Short Form  (legal)  - 10 pages
Individual Capacity Acknowledgment  (letter)  - 1 page
Lack of Probate (for Rainier Title - not recordable)      (letter)  - 2 page
Lack of Probate (Recordable)  (letter)  - 3 pages
Mortgage (Statutory Form)  (legal)  - 2 page
63-05 (ir) 
Partial Release of Judgment  (letter)  - 3 pages
Partial Release of Mortgage  (legal)  - 2 page
Promissory Note  (legal)  - 3 pages
LPB 12-05(I-1)rev12/2006 Quit Claim Deed  (letter)  - 2 pages
44-05(ir) rev. 3/2009 
Real Estate Contract - Residential Short Form  (letter)  - 10 pages
45-05(ir) rev. 3/2009 
Real Estate Contract - Long Form  (letter)  - 20 pages
Real Estate Excise Tax Affidavit  (legal)  - 5 pages
Real Estate Excise Tax Supplemental  (letter)  - 5 pages
Representative Capacity Acknowledgment  (letter)  - 1 page
Request for Full Reconveyance  (letter)  - 1 page
Request for Partial Reconveyance  (letter)  - 1 page
Resignation & Appointment of Successor Trustee  (legal)  - 1 page
Satisfaction of Judgment  (letter)  - 2 pages
Satisfaction of Mortgage  (legal)  - 1 pages
Special Power of Attorney (Purchase/Encumber)  (legal)  - 2 pages
Special Power of Attorney (Sale)  (legal)  - 2 pages
LPB 16-09(i)  Special Warranty Deed (Individual)  (letter)   -2 pages
LPB 16-09(r)  Special Warranty Deed (Representative)  (letter)   -2pages 
Statement of Identity  (letter)  - 2 pages
Subordination Agreement  (legal)  - 2 pages
Warranty Deed  (legal)  - 1 page
Warranty Fulfillment Deed  (legal)  - 1 Page

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